Dr David Chapple

Associate Professor in Evolutionary Ecology

Dave completed his PhD at the Australian National University (with Prof Scott Keogh) on the evolutionary ecology and molecular phylogenetics of Liopholis skinks, before heading to New Zealand to conduct postdoctoral research at Victoria University of Wellington on the origin and evolution of the New Zealand skink fauna. In July 2007, Dave moved to Museum Victoria to complete an ARC postdoctoral fellowship on the invasion dynamics of the delicate skink (Lampropholis delicata). He started at Monash University in July 2009 and his current research focuses on the evolutionary ecology of environmental change.

Rodolfo de Oliveira Anderson

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Prof Craig White

For his PhD, Rodolfo will be investigating the thermal ecology and ecophysiology of Lampropholis skinks.

Jack Brand

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Prof Bob Wong

Jack completed his Honours degree at The University of New South Wales in 2017, investigating the neural mechanisms of animal learning and behaviour. For his PhD at Monash, Jack will be looking at how animal behaviour can influence biological invasions. In particular, his project will aim to determine the role of behavioural flexibility, and its neuroanatomical basis, in mediating the ability of a species to invade and become established in novel environments.

Arman Pili

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Dr Reid Tingley

For his PhD, Arman is investigating the correlates of invasion success in reptiles and amphibians.

Sophie Young

BIO3990 student (Sem 2, 2020)

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For her BIO3990 roject, Sophie will be examining the behavioural and evolutionary ecology of Lampropholis skinks.

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Rocio Aguilar

Postdoctoral research associate

Rocio did her BSc/MSc at the Comahue National University (Argentina) on habitat use in geckos, and her PhD at the National University of Cuyo (Argentina) on the thermal ecophysiology of lizards. She worked for 6 years as a RA with Mike Kearney (University of Melbourne) and Christy Hipsley (University of Melbourne/Museum Victoria) working on the ecophysiology, ecomorphology and conservation of Australian lizards. As part of an ARC Linkage Project, Rocio is currently CT scanning Australian lizard species.

Annalise Naimo

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Prof Bob Wong

Annalise completed her honours with Anne Peters at Monash University in 2016, investigating the behaviour of fairy wrens. For her PhD, Annalise will be investigating behavioural syndromes, and the pace-of-life syndrome, in native and introduced populations of the delicate skink.

Rachel Schwarz

PhD Student

Main Supervisor: Prof Shai Meiri, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Rachel is based at Tel Aviv University. She is investigating the relationship between habitat and behaviour, ecophysiology and morphology in lizards.

Marco Camaiti

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Assoc Prof Alistair Evans and Dr Christy Hipsley

For his PhD, Marco is examining the morphological and ecophysiological aspects of limb reduction and loss in Australian skinks.

Tegan Wright

Honours student, 2020

Co-supervised by Dr Christy Hipsley (University of Melbourne), and Rocio Aguilar

For her honours project, Tegan will be using CT scanning to investigate ontogenetic shifts in morphology in Egerniinae skinks.

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Andressa Duran

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Prof Shai Meiri (Tel Aviv University) and Dr Reid Tingley

Andressa completed her MSc on climatic niche evolution, with Marcio Pie in Brazil. For her PhD, Andressa will be investigating the drivers of diversity in lizards. She will use a macroecological approach, where she can use the existing knowledge of species traits (i.e. climatic, morphological, ecological, geographical, and phylogenetic information), in concert to statistical models to explore and integrate mechanisms at different temporal and spatial scales.

For more information, visit her website.

Madeleine de Jong

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Prof Bob Wong

For her PhD project, Maddy will be investigating the evolutionary ecology of Lampropholis skinks.

Honours student (First Class Honours), 2016-2017

Co-supervised by Prof Bob Wong.


Thesis title: Rearing environment influences behavioural variation and behavioural syndrome structure in rainforest sunskinks.


For her honours project, Maddy examined the influence of rearing environment on behavioural variation and behavioural types in the rainforest sunskink, Lampropholis coggeri.

Maiko Lutz

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Prof Paul Sunnucks and Dr Alexandra Pavlova.

Maiko is using genomic approaches to investigate whether genetic rescue is an efficient recovery tool for the threatened Macquarie Perch.

Siobhan Roberts

BIO3990 student (Sem 1, 2020)

Co-supervised by Rocio Aguilar

For her BIO3990 project, Siobhan will be using CT scanning to investigate morphological evolution of Liopholis skinks.

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