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BIO3990 Student (Sem 1, 2021)


Dr David Chapple

Professor in Evolutionary and Conservation Ecology

Dave completed his PhD at the Australian National University (with Prof Scott Keogh) on the evolutionary ecology and molecular phylogenetics of Liopholis skinks, before heading to New Zealand to conduct postdoctoral research at Victoria University of Wellington on the origin and evolution of the New Zealand skink fauna. In July 2007, Dave moved to Museum Victoria to complete an ARC postdoctoral fellowship on the invasion dynamics of the delicate skink (Lampropholis delicata). He started at Monash University in July 2009 and his current research focuses on the evolutionary ecology of environmental change.

BIO3990 Student (Sem 1, 2021)

Claire Walke_edited.jpg

Claire Walke

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Dr Alexandra Carthey and Prof Bob Wong.

For her PhD project, Claire will be investigating the impact of feral cats on the behaviour of native Australian lizards.

Honours student (First Class Honours), 2019

Thesis title: How the gang got away: the role of group composition and geographic isolation in the antipredator behaviour of an invasive lizard.

For her honours project, Claire investigated the antipredator behaviour of the invasive delicate skink on Lord Howe Island.

BIO3990, Sem 1, 2018

Claire examined whether delicate skink colour morphs selected backgrounds that matched their colour patterns

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Intern, 2016-2017

Claire collated data and prepared draft Red List assessments for the IUCN assessments of Australian squamates.

BIO3990 Student (Sem 1, 2021)

Martin Iglesias.jpg

Martin Iglesias

PhD Student

For his PhD, Martin will be investigating the marcoecology and biogeography of Australian reptiles.

BIO3990 Student (Sem 1, 2021)


Feliks Ozolina

BIO3990 Student, Sem 2, 2023

For their BIO3990 project, Feliks will be investigating the distribution of Australian skinks.

BIO3990 Student (Sem 1, 2021)

Jules Farquhar_edited.jpg

Jules Farquhar

Research Assistant

Jules is currently a research assistant in the research group working on a range of projects on skink conservation and ecophysiology.

Honours student (First Class Honours), 2019-2020

Co-supervised by Prof Craig White

Thesis title: The ecophysiological basis of range limits in the delicate skink, Lampropholis delicata.

Jules investigated the distribution and ecophysiology of the delicate skink in the Coolah Tops region of NSW.

BIO3990 Student (Sem 1, 2021)

Jaclyn Harris 2.jpg

Jaclyn Harris

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Dr Jane Melville and Dr Claire McLean.

For her PhD project, Jaclyn will be examining the impact of fire on reptile populations.

Honours student (First Class Honours), 2018-2019

Thesis title: Is the invasive delicate skink, Lampropholis delicata,
competing with native skink species in New Zealand?

For her honours project, Jaclyn investigated the behavioural ecology of the delicate skink.

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Intern, 2016-2017, and BIO3990, Sem 1, 2017

Jaclyn collated data and prepared draft red list assessments in preparation for the IUCN assessments of Australian squamate reptiles held in Perth (Feb 2017) and Monash University (June 2017). In addition, she completed a BIO3990 project examining the impact of human-assisted transportation on the behaviour of the delicate skink, Lampropholis delicata.

BIO3990 Student (Sem 1, 2021)

Christina Paizis.jpg

Christina Paizis

Honours student, 2023

Co-supervised by Dr Alexandra Carthey and Prof Bob Wong

For her Honours project, Christina will be investigating the impact of feral cats on native Australian lizards.

BIO3990 Student (Sem 1, 2021)

Arman Pili.jpg

Arman Pili

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Dr Reid Tingley

For his PhD, Arman is investigating the correlates of invasion success in reptiles and amphibians.

BIO3990 Student (Sem 1, 2021)

Luke Bonifacio.JPG

Luke Bonifacio

PhD Student

Co-supervised by Dr Jessica Walsh

For his PhD project, Luke will be examining the conservation and ecology of Data Deficient and threatened Australian skinks.

Co-supervised by Prof Shai Meiri (Tel Aviv University)

Thesis title: What predicts the extinction risk of Australian skinks?

For his honours project, Luke compared the macroecology of Australian skinks between categories of the IUCN Red List.

BIO3990 Student (Sem 1, 2021)

Nick Scott.jpg

Nicholas Scott

Honours student, 2023-2024

For his Honours project, Nick will be studying a Data Deficient skink species in North Queensland.

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